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Why investors choose us

  • Alternate Coin Mining Specially in Ethereum and Lite Coin
  • High interest Due to Cheap Electricity rates and Own Green Energy set up we can Deliver High Interest
  • Operational support High-quality, 24/7 support at all stages of cooperation
  • SSL cerificate Commodo SSL Your protection is Our Responsibility
  • Data protection Guaranteed protection of clients' personal data
  • Automated system Comprehensible and easy to use investment instruments

Nothing is as motivating as the results that you achieve

Our investment plans

  • Basic Litecoin Mining

    $10 - $50,000

    IN 2 HOURS

    TOTAL RETURN - 140%

  • Basic Etherum Mining

    $300 - $50,000

    IN 4 HOURS

    TOTAL RETURN - 170%

  • Adv Litecoin Mining

    $500 - $50000

    IN 8 HOURS

    TOTAL RETURN - 200%

  • ADV Bitcoin Mining

    $1000 - $50000

    IN 3 DAYS

    TOTAL RETURN - 300%

It is silly to rely on luck, risk cautiously!

Money Back Guarantee

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    It's fast, easy, and free - with no membership fees whatsoever! It only takes a few minutes. To open your free account, go to the registration page and click the 'Open an Account' button on the top-right-hand side of the website.

  • Create a deposit

    Go to the deposit section of your account to be able to make a deposit using Bitcoin. There Four investment plans offered on our platform Chose One To Make Investment.

  • Get profit

    Ethereum Lite Mining offers instant withdrawals. All your withdrawals are made available to your E-Currencies account in real time once you request them.

Everyone is able to perform a miracle! GO FOR IT!

Briefly about our investment project


    Ethereum Lite Mining is Focused on Alternate Coin Mining. Due to demand of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency we Know future is of etherum and Lite coin. We have 7 data centers across world. We choose place where we get cheap electricity and Good Green House System.

  • What are we doing?

    We started our operation before 5 years with private big investors of Japan and Now we are moving towards Cloud mining. We are not dealing in Bitcoin Mining as its not profitable now and after 17th July when Halving happen, Future is of Ethereum and Lite coin. So we are focusing on that.

  • Why do investors choose us?

    We are not making our Plan complicated by providing Them plan with technical terms like Khs,mhs or Ghs. We make it simple on ROI. We are setting up new 8 Data center in 2016. So such project attracts investor.

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Project statistics

  • 73 Days on-line
  • 2361 Investors

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